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Sjoerd van der Stok Cadform • Steven King and his students Monica, Pranav, Shemeen, Raies, Eleanor, Shazia, Maryam, Ornob, Mariam, Almas, Fatima, Noor, Maheshpreet, Ashwariya and Aya of the univercity of Middlesex Dubai • Katia Plewnia Labour of Art • Merel Slootheer • Genevieve Mariani • Johan de Bruijn Gallery Viewer •Lucie Le Guen • Liesbeth Bulk • Marten van Leeuwen • Danielle Spires • Les Deux Garçons • Marjolijn Mandersloot • Sebiha Demir •

Every person who is in this magazine has been contacted by email. No content may be used without permision of Art by nature magazine, photos of artist (work) are owned by the artist (all rights reserved). If you find an image that is yours, I couldn't find the owner and you aren't credited; please let me know.

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