Pet Portraits

By Danielle Spires

I started Art by Nature Magazine in 2015 and Danielle was the first person I wrote about. She offered to help me editing the magazine and has worked with me until edition 6. She helped me find columnists for the magazine such as Genevieve Mariani, who still writes in this edition, and Irena Murphy. I've followed Danielle ever since our first collaboration and I was delighted she wanted to tell her inspirational story about her new company ‘Pet Portraits by Danielle Spires’ in Art By Nature.

This article is edited by Zeina Gazala and checked by SK

“I model my style something in between American Gothic and Wes Anderson.I feel that I can find that love between owners and their pets through photographs.”

Danielle, once an owner of multiple pets, had to say farewell to cat Noguchi and her dog Isabelle within two months of each other, both suffering from sudden cancer. Her third pet, Panton, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer shortly after the death of her other two pets, leaving her $24,000 in debt.

Danielle consoled herself by setting up a photo studio for pet photography where owners bring their pets for a session of fun. Danielle shares that she is “so excited to meet everyone’s pets, every session becomes such a joy”.

She adds: “I wanted to create a safe and comfortable space for owners and their pets. And I get to hug and scratch the pets all I want!”

For the whole interview, which was shot and edited by Irena Murphy, check the video