Live edge mirror

It's a little bit cheating but gives that natural design look you want for your mirror.

  • mirror;
  • MDF;
  • liquid nails;
  • some heavy books to put on the wood while drying;
  • jigsaw;
  • screwdriver and hammer;
  • stain the wood to your desired color (we used American Walnut).

Nature comes to life

A little life from dead wood

  • slices from a small, hollow tree;
  • belt sander;
  • nailed scraps of pine boards in a chopping block;
  • 40-grit sandpaper.

Pebble Bath Mat

A little nursure by nature.

  • floor mat;
  • garden pebbles: black pebbles, multi-colored pebbles, or white pebbles. You can find these labeled as 'river stones' too;
  • 5-minute epoxy.