I’m a dreamer, maker, designer, goldsmith, collector, biophile, citydweller living in Haarlem, The Netherlands. I approach the creative process as I would extensive research and trans­late my findings into all sorts of creations. With my work I try to make sense of things I don’t understand and question what might be considered obvious. Here's my column!



with Merel Slootheer

I found it on a drizzly day, during a morning walk, a piece of summer lost in autumn. It made me feel full of pity, this proud, bright colored poppy, sprouting in vain from cracks in the pavement. ”You’re a little late dear. Or maybe way too early?”I made a photo of the scenery, a sad depiction of wasted effort.

I go through these kind of encounters on a daily basis. Personifying plants, animals, objects and even more abstract concepts is something I do automatically. I once tried to save the life a homeless cactus dressed up in a sombrero, I fall in love with songs constantly, and greet every cat I pass on the street (yes, even the ones I don’t really know).*

*Senior Cactus didn’t make it unfortunately.